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chuck norris approved. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. chicago police have confirmed they are speaking with two
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persons of interest in the shooting at the cta credit union this morning. the gunman approached a 70 year-old male employees shot him in the lake and left with over $150,000 a witness gave the police a description of the van that was leaving the scene ... police apprehended the people in the vehicle and took them in for questioning people around this complex believe it was an inside job >>i can't speculate on what happened if this person was set up to just never know ... i really think it was an inside job >>nobody knows how much money they get to this bank for these
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retirees every month ... we believe it had to be set up ... the employee who was shot was described as a man in his early 70's he's a long time cpa employee ... he will be o.k. but no official word on his prognosis yet. the cta has not commented on this incident prosecutors in the christopher vaughn murder trial argue vaughn murdered his family because they were obstacles to the life he wanted. wgn's nancy loo has more on today's closing arguments. the defense concedes that christopher vaughn was not a perfect husband or father in closing arguments the defense attorney said that he was not a
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killer and the state didn't prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt ... the prosecutor meticulously went over the evidence and closing statements ... the jurors heard about the extramarital affairs and the plans that didn't include the of one family ... blood evidence at the scene of the family s u v were inconsistent with the defendant's version of events on the day of the crime ... other witnesses testified that kimberly vaughn was a loving mother not suicidal nor homicidal ... there was a poignant moment when the pictures were shown of the back of the s u v showing the children's swimming gear for the
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eagerly anticipated field trip to the water park that day jury should receive the case for deliberations sometime this afternoon fire officials think a space heater started a west side fire that killed a 2-month-old baby girl. firefighters tried to rescue the baby, miracle hooks.. but they were beaten back by flames and intense heat. fire officials say there were snoke detectors in the building in east garfield park.. but they were not working. a total of 30 people including 12 children, were left homeless by the fire. nearly two dozen spent the night at a red cross shelter. a firefighter was injured.. he was taken to a hospital in good condition. police in lake county are investigating the mysterious deaths of two children with-in a 5 month period. the half-siblings had the same father... but grew up in different households. six-month old desire thompson died december 28th... after being found unconscious. in may... her half-brother tyquan thompson died while staying with his aunt. autopsies have been performed... but the causes of both deaths remain undetermined.
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no suspects have been named. the former pastor of an indiana mega-church will likely serve at least 10-years in prison for having sex with an under-age girl. 54 year old jack schaap calls the plea agreement with federal prosecutors "fair and reasonable." the agreement also calls for the former pastor of hammond's first baptist church to register as a sex offender. schaap admitted to having a two-month affair with the girl... taking her across state lines for sex. he is currently in custody... and is scheduled to be back in court next week. illinois senator dick durbin says he's concerned about the rise in anti-muslim hate crimes across the country. hate crimes and domestic terrorism were the topic of a hearing in washington yesterday. >>according to the justice department the increasing discrimination against mosque's since 2010 " reflects a regrettable increase in anti muslim sentiment " the hearing is in response to
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last month's shooting at a sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin. 40 year-old michael page shot and killed six people and wounded four others before he shot himself. at yesterday's hearing .... the son of one massacre victim asked the obama administration to begin collecting statistics on hate crimes against sikhs. mayor emanuel is considering raising chicago's taxes on amusements and cigarettes to close a 369-million dollar budget shortfall for next year. the move could make the city's tax on sports tickets the highest in the nation, bumping it from nine to ten percent. tax on theater tickets could also be raised to five percent. it's not clear how much the cigarette tax might go up, but the state increased its tax by a dollar a pack last year. the mayor will unveil his budget in three weeks. you may have a problem if you're flying with american airlines anytime soon. pilots hit the picket lines today over a contract dispute with the company. as a result, american has canceled 300 flights through september 23rd. management blames pilots for calling in sick to protest impending job cuts. american has anounced that 11,000 workers could lose their jobs, as the company fights to get out of bankruptcy. american also plans to cut its
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october schedule by as much as 2%. august was a strong month for home sales in the chicago area. more than 9200 homes sold in the nine-county area. that's a 28.5% jump from august of 2011. it's also the single best month for sales volume in five years. analysts say buyers have been taking advantage of low prices and interest rates. the average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage in the chicago area last month was 3.6% that's more than one percent lower than the same period last year. chicagoans now can check the progress of their 3-1-1 calls by going online. a new web-based tracking system and running.
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the website ... called "open 3- 1-1" ... allows people to make service requests and see how quickly the city is responding to them. chicagoans can use the new tool by visiting city of / 311. mayor emanuel says "open 3-1-1" brings a new level of transparency and accountability to city government. apple's new i-phone-5 comes out tomorrow. and already, a handful of apple fanatics are camped out in front of the company's michigan avenue store, to be the first in line to get them. two million people pre-ordered the new phones in the first day apple started taking orders. but now, the company says, those phones won't be shipped for another four weeks. coming up next: chicago police are investigating the theft of checks from president obama's campaign headquarters. and one grandfather's story -- how he wrestled and alligator to save his beloved pet dog. ot sfilodour
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it's been another violent and deadly day in syria. government warplanes attacked a northern town ... triggering an exploson that killed 55 people and wounded dozens of others. before that attack ... five people were reported killed when warplanes shelled residential neighborhoods. opposition leaders say 173 people have been killed in syria today. before his death ... u.s. ambassador chris stevens said he was on an al qaida hit list and
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was concerned about security threats. that's one of the new details out ... about the attack that killed four people at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. wgn's frank holland has more. questions remain whether this was planned or spontaneous the attacks happened on the september 11th anniversary ... the mobs reacted to a controversial film slandering the muslim religion ... the ambassador and three members of security at the embassy were killed in those attacks ... >>it appears that individuals who were well armed seized on the opportunity as the events unfolded that evening into the
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early morning hours ... what we don't have at this moment is specific intelligence that there was any coordination are advanced planning for this attack ... there's more controversy of a controversial cartoon by a french magazine and a german magazine publishing negative depictions of the profit muhammed ... many americans are confused why one film could lead to such violence ... >>we come from a society where we let this kind of thing roll off our backs ... we understand this is not the government speaking ... but when you come from a place with that government does not allow free
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speech that you think there's some kind of governments the conspiracy behind the controversies ... u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton will testify in a closed-door intelligence meeting on capitol hill if she is expected to face tough questioning on whether not enough was done to protect the ambassador and how much was known about any coordinated attack ... two high-level leaders at the justice department step-down in the fallout from "operation fast and furious." 14 other employees may also be punished for their roles. the justice department's inspector general issued his report on the failed operation yesterday. the mission took place from 2009 to 2011. federal agents tried to trace illegal gun sales between the u.s. and mexico, but they lost track of nearly 2,000 weapons.
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some of the guns were found at the murder scene of a u.s. border patrol agent. the report exonerated attorney general eric holder. three campaign checks... one worth more than $20,000... have been stolen from president obama's re-election campaign. midwest press secretary ben finkenbinder says the checks were taken from the same building that houses the campaign office in chicago. the checks were to be sent to vendors but... according to finkenbinder ... 'made it into the wrong hands.' police say the obama campaign reported the theft authorities... but no arrests have been made. trying to recover from controversial remarks he made at a fundraising dinner... mitt romney was in florida yesterday courting latino voters. he appeared at a forum at the univeristy of miami... where moderators pressed romney about his stance on immigration. a gallup poll conducted partially before and partially after the republican national convention at the end of august... said president obama leads romney among latino registered voters 64% to 27%...
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moderator jim lehrer of pbs released a list of themes he'll present to the candidates. the first three 15-minute segements will focus on the economy. the other three segments will focus on health care... the role of government...and governing. the first debate is set for october third... at the university of denver. the victims of bernie madoff's ponzi scheme will receive another round of payments worth two and a half billion dollars. about 1200 investors will soon get checks... ranging in values from about 1800 dollars to around 530 million. the average payment is two million. roughly 1.1 billion dollars have already been sent out to ripped- off investors. madoff lost nearly 17 billion in the largest ponzi scheme in
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history. he's now serving a 150 year prison sentence. a grandfather jumped on an alligator that was trying to swim away with his dog. steve gustafson lives in a retirement community near orlando, florida with his dog "bounce." steve was outside trimming trees tuesday when he heard "bounce" let out a blood curdling yelp. he saw the dog inside the jaws of a 7-foot alligator. >>without thinking i just said you are not going to get my bounce ... i took the run down the hill took a belly flop on top of the alligator i got a hold of the back leg of the alligator caught the tail under my right arm we were all under water got my feet underneath me ... steve let go of the alligator and it swam away. both he and "bounce" are expected to make full recoveries. that is loving your dog ...
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just ahead: what new numbers from the census bureau indicate about the gender pay gap -- how much more money men make compared to their female counterparts. also ahead -- the debate over genetically modified corn... a new study about it's link to cancer in rats, and what critics are saying. and later in lunchbreak: roasted pork loin with honey glazed squash.
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we are live from the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg "on the money" report: median household income fell 2% last year to 50 pence and $500 to pay shortfall continues for women women still earn considerably
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less money than men.. and they may not bridge the gender pay gap for another half century. the latest report from the u.s. census bureau shows female workers earned only 79 cents for every dollar earned by men last year. the median income for working women with full time jobs was just over $37,000... for men, it was just over $48,000. at the current annual gain, women won't be making as much as men until the year 2063. bank of america is picking up the pace by scaling down ... according to reuters a study conducted in france on monsanto 's fertilizer dispute ... 5 guys makes the top grade for the top hamburger franchise in the united states ... next: a new consumer warning
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about a spinach recall after concerns over listeria. the man accused of planning the july shooting rampage in a colorado theater appears in court today. and live music this midday from nick colionne-- he's on stage this saturday at prairie state college
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prosecutors drop their fight for access to a notebook... an alleged mass murderer sent to a psychiatrist. 24 year-old james holmes allegedly opened-fire inside a movie theater in july... killing 12 people and wounding 58. holmes talked to a university of colorado psychiatrist more than a month before the rampage, and mailed her a package the day before the shooting spree. his lawyers argued the contents of the package are confidential. prosecutors also want to add ten charges to the 142 holmes already faces. the boy who's credited with launching the investigation against jerry sandusky is
12:26 pm
coming out with a book about the ordeal. sandusky will be sentenced next month after he was convicted of sexually abusing ten boys. "victim number one" testified that he met sandusky through his second mile foundation. he and his mother reported sandusky to the boy's high school in november of 2009. that complaint triggered the investigation that led to criminal charges. victim number one's book may come out next month. as the cook county sheriff's office continues working to identify serial killer john wayne gacy's unidentified victims.. the investigation has helped close a missing person's case in utah. investigators have identified the remains of daniel noe.. a northwestern university student who disappeared 34 years ago. he was not one of gacy's victims. he was an individual who fit the parameters of someone who could of been in the realm of possibility and for that reason his family submitted the dna they live in a small town east
12:27 pm
of peoria detective moran and i went to notify the family of the identification ... daniel noe disappeared during a hiking trip. his skeletal remains were found on a mountainside in utah in 2010.. but remained unidentified until his family asked the sheriff's office to look into the case. sherriff dart says there were no indications of foul play in noe's death. so far, the sheriff's office has located six people as part of the gacy investigation. four are still alive, but had lost contact with their families. a preliminary hearing is scheduled this afternoon for an 18-year-old charged with plotting to bomb a west loop liquor store and bar. adel daoud appeared in federal court after his arrest last friday. the fbi says undercover agents provided dowd with a fake car bomb after he made comments about wanting to commit a jihad attack. his attorney calls it a case of entrapment. the number of west nile cases reported across the united states jumped by 19 percent this week. west nile virus is spread to humans from infected mosquitoes. the centers for disease control
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and prevention says more than 3100 west nile cases have been reported so far this year.. and 134 people have died from the disease. almost 40 percent of all cases have been reported in texas. other states with large number of west nile cases include mississippi, michigan, south dakota, louisiana, oklahoma, and california. the kroger grocery chain is voluntarily recalling bagged spinach over fears of listeria contamination. no illnesses have been reported. the recall affects "fresh selections tender spinach" in 10 ounce bags. the spinach has a "best if used by" date of september 16th. it was sold at kroger stores in illinois and a dozen other states.. and at several other grocery stores. if you have any questions.. call toll-free at 1-800-krogers. a consumer advocacy group says children may be eating high levels of mercury along with their tuna sandwiches. the "mercury policy project" coalition tested 59 samples of tuna from 11 states. the study found somewhat lower
12:29 pm
mercury levels in light tuna than in fda tests.. but higher levels in albacore tuna than the fda reports. the advocacy group says children should never eat albacore tuna. it's advising parents to limit light tuna to one serving per month for kids under 55 pounds.. and two monthly servings for bigger children. amusement park rides last a few minutes but at knott's berry farm people took a 4 hour ride yesterday the wind it seeker is supposed to lift people high above the park and spend them in a circle but the right came to a stop when the security system activated and four hours later those people were brought safely to the ground a similar incident happened two weeks ago the ride will be closed indefinitely while they investigate
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we might lose six or seven degrees tomorrow ... but we will have a few days in the fifties ... we have sunshine now they're keeping the year temperature warm. you can see some clouds in the time lapse model ... there is a colder weather system out to the west pushing in our direction ... it will be overcast by the end of the afternoon in the short run we are looking for a few hours of
12:33 pm
sunshine right now it's 68 degrees at o'hare ... the chilly temperatures from southern canada will come racing into the chicago area this weekend we will be substantially below normal with temperatures this weekend but for now it's mild uncomfortableld.... you can see the smile there giving way to the colder air this weekend. while there is plenty of warm air out to the west this area of cool air is slowed to leave ... it may be about 10 days before we get back into the 80 degree temperatures looking at the win situation the breezes are strong out there 15
12:34 pm
mi. per hour we may remain there for most of the day and the early evening the air is dry. we are expecting to get into the mid-40s for tonight not much precipitation but we are watching the rain showers and thunderstorms on the leading edge of this cooler air pushing through parts of canada across lake erie. it will be a dry day tomorrow there's a possibility for showers with developing thunderstorms ... we may see this happening on saturday by the time we get to sunday it
12:35 pm
will be very cool around here. it is not expected that we will get much rain however the high temperatures 66 to 72 degrees ... tonight the wind will die down 43 in the suburbs 52 downtown friday increasing clouds the high temperature will be 60-65 degrees saturday looks cooler possibly 60 degrees possibly 50 degree temperatures with some showers ... 54-58 degrees on sunday
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iftime now for today's trivia question: in the 1950's, which musician was regarded as the "james dean of jazz"? a. chet baker b. dave brubeck c. stan getz the answer is ahead in this hour of the wgn midday news. [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] you start your day... love you, too. ...thinking about what's important to you -- your family... ...the mortgage... the kids' college tuition. [ cellphone ringing ] but life insurance? [ horn honking ] life is unpredictable. that's why at fidelity life we want you to think about term life insurance -- taking care of your family's future expenses if something happens to you. it's easy. we get to
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the white sox have struggled against kansas city all season, but they could soon become an ally. the royals play the second- place tigers seven times with 13 games left. the sox loaded the bases with no outs in the fourth inning. but dayan viciedo pops out... then alexei ramirez pops out... and tyler flowers strikes out... the sox were 1 for 12 with runners in scoring position. sox down 1 in the 7th when alex gordon drives one to left... viciedo misplays it and 2 runs score. sox lose 3-0 the tigers won, so the division lead is back down to 2 games. reds' manager dusty baker was hospitalized overnight with an irregular heartbeat, but should be o.k. cubs and reds tied at five in the 11th... brandon philips pops up to right, but david dejesus over runs it, to put the go-ahead run in scoring position. next batter is drew stubbs and his base hit to left turns out to be the game-winner. cubs lose 6-5... the reds magic number to clinch the divison is down to 3. the bears returned to practice
12:40 pm
without some key players. matt forte was held out again with a sprained ankle, but lovie smith says he is making progress. julius peppers also sat with a sore foot. brian urlacher practiced but will likely rest today. jay cutler says his confrontation with jamarcus webb is a dead issue, and the bears' top receiver came to his defense. brandon marshall says cutler is a guy everyone wants to play for, and marshall does not want him to change. when jay is not fiery that's when i'm going to have a problem and will want to play with a different quarterback he is the guy i want to play for the reason i'm here we need to be productive and communicate in the right way we have a couple of things we want to change but that's the guy you want to play for that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. good afternoon.
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power-ball saturday night jackpot $174 million
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ot sfilodour
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in medical watch.. experts say many donor kidneys that are discarded each year could be transplanted.. if the system for allocating kidneys did a better job of matching the right organ to the right recipient in the right amount of time. but changes could be on the way. a committee of the "united network for organ sharing" will offer a new proposal tomorrow in which the top 20 percent of kidneys would be matched to the candidates expected to survive the longest. the remaining 80 percent would continue to be allocated to recipients primarily by time spent on the wait list. scientists have grown a drug inside corn plants that could rare genetic disease. it's the latest advance in the emerging field of molecular farming. canadian and australian researchers created transgenic corn that could synthesize an enzyme used for a debilitating condition known as mps one. the disease causes progressive damage to the heart, brain and other organs. the new plant-grown medicine has not been tested in clinical
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trials yet.. so it could be years before any eventual treatment reaches the market. if you use a smartphone or other mobile device a lot.. you might find yourself expieriencing headaches, cricks in your neck, and achy shoulders. it can happen when your head is tilted forward and your shoulders are curved.. as you're texting, playing a game or reading an email. experts say for every inch you tilt your head forward the pressure on your spine doubles. that extra pressure puts a strain on your spine and can pull it out of alignment. the best advice: roll your shoulders back and keep your ears directly over them so your head isn't tilted forward. lunchbreak is next. you know her from "top chef"... valerie bolon is here with a recipe for roasted pork loin with honey glazed squash.
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[ crack of bat ] ball. ball. [ crack
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of bat ] [ male announcer ] hanging out with cal has its benefits... so does taking one a day men's. go to to enter for a chance to meet me and watch the 2013 mlb all star game. in today's lunchbreak: roasted pork loin with honey glazed squash former top chef contestant valerie bolon is serving this at the "farm to fork" event this saturday in naperville. thanks for coming in. we are doing a version of this dish this one's a bit simpler than the one we are doing this weekend ... 2 saute pans are needed... get a
12:50 pm
boneless pork loin from the supermarket and the key is to marinade this meat ... some chili sweet soy sauce pepper honey ..... do this ahead and wrap it
12:51 pm
tightly and put this in the refrigerator.... overnight ais preferable. sear the pork loin in a hot pan. a little cooking oil.....
12:52 pm
balance the timing! take sliced butternut squash and sear this in the other hot pan with some oil.
12:53 pm
get the meat and the squash carmelized. take some apples, sliced and peeled...... the pork can be put into the oven and cooked for about 30 minutes or until
12:54 pm
slightly pink in the center.... take the apples and combine them with the squash.... this goes into a baking dish with alll juices.... take that juice from the meat and squash and toss that in one
12:55 pm
of the pans with some herbs for a light gravy.... valerie bolon, thanks so much for joining us. the farm to fork event is this saturday, september 22 ... with three separate seatings at 5 5:30 or 6 p.m. it's at mcdonald farm in naperville... to learn more go to: for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, l growing out
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: in the 1950's, which musician was regarded as the "james dean of jazz"? a. chet baker b. dave brubeck c. stan getz the answer: chet baker temperatures are mild across the. they will get clear this
12:58 pm
weekend. the satellite depiction shows clouds moving into the area. it will be a dry day. look for the storm's coming into chicago tomorrow ... in the seven day forecast saturday and sunday temperatures are getting uncomfortably colder there will be some rain on saturday hopefully gone by sunday temperatures will inch up a little bit more but cool air will keep coming beyond that next week thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. remember we are back at 5:00 this evening and again at 9:00. we leasve you with more music from nick colionne... he's in
12:59 pm
concert this saturday, september 22nd at 7 p.m. at prairie state college in chicago heights. for tickets, go to:

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